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Argos head office Avebury address 489-499 Avebury Boulevard Saxon Gate West Central Milton Keynes MK9 2NW
Argos head office address in Milton Keynes 489-499, Avebury Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 2NW
Argos head office contact number 0345 640 3030
Argos head office complaints 0345 640 2020
Argos complaints department Email trading.enquiries@argos.co.uk
Argos complaints live chat www.argos.co.uk/help/faq/72442?#livechat-anchor
Argos CEO Mike Coupe
Argos CEO Email mike.coupe@sainsburys.co.uk
Argos Store customer service 0345 640 3030
Argos home delivery service and support 0345 640 2020

You can also contact Argos directly through Argos Twitter service chat support or through Argos Facebook (just click there on the chat and you will get to a human support)



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  1. Dear sir/madam ,I am so disappointed to find that you guys are advertising opti cast iron bar and dumb bells on your website and there not available in any of your stores ,This is the only gift that my son has asked for ,The one I require is the 48.8kg ,Is this product discontinued or may I have it delivered to my nearest store which is Berwick upon tweed ,I would go as far as to say I will pay to have it delivered to my home address,I look forward to hearing from you ,yours eileen mcewen.

  2. The ‘Santa wish list’ at the back of the Argos catalogue is a crock! Do you know how hard it is for the average family to get by these days? And that’s just greed . Simple greed.

  3. Absolutely terrible service & ruined our christmas due to very poor customer service. Bush range cooker rubbish oven & grill defective sent back with promise of delivery 14/1/21 now after sending bush back. Say cant deliver until 1/2/21 disgusting

  4. Would never buy from or recomend argos to anyone totally ruined our christmas week old bush range cooker oven packed up christmas eve while cooking turkey 1 hour into cooking so had no way of cooking it, argos picked up begining of jan (21) promised new cooker 14/1/21 now saying cant deliver until 1/2/21 what a terrible company

  5. Can you tell me why I am told to break the government covid law of driving out of my area to another, because of a faulty phone, I bought phone 9 weeks ago from argos, went to doncaster branch and told only return to worksop sainsbury’s /argos, how am I supposed to do that, we are in lockdown, and it’s 18.6 miles to get there, as per police instructions you cannot drive from one county to another, DISCUSTING ATTITUDE TO CUSTOMERS.

    1. Excellent commenting the team Argos are terrible at customer service that is when you get through to them of which it’s self difficult

  6. I have been shopping at Argos for a number of years. I have never seen any other website been conducted in this waythe way. They would tell you items where in stock.
    They would tell you to order now collect in 2-3days when added it basket it would say not available for home delivery then when you click to click and collect it says delivery only but you can have neither I screen shot evidence because on previous trolley order Argos clear your trolley absolute con or the can not run a website correctly.itam I’m referring to is Playstation 5.
    Dont try to sell when you haven’t got.
    “Trading Standards “

    1. Had exactly the same problem with Argos doesn’t matter what you try to order , it’s in stock but cannot get delivery or click and collect . Their big mistake because just spent over £1000 .00 at Curry’s. got delivery no problem and great customer service afterwards . You can’t talk to them live chat is hopeless and as I write there is a van outside delivering to my neighbour . Well I won’t be shopping with them from now on , they only want your money but don’t care about anything else .

  7. Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your

    I have been shopping at Argos for a number of years. I have never seen any other website been conducted in this way. They would tell you items where in stock.
    They would tell you to order now collect in 2-3days when added it basket it would say not available for home delivery then when you click to click and collect it says delivery only but you can have neither I screen shot evidence because on previous trolley order Argos clear your trolley absolute con or they can’t control stock they don’t seem to have for they website correctly. Item I’m referring to is Playstation 5.
    Dont try to sell when you haven’t got.
    “Trading Standards “

  8. Totally disgusted in Argos Lockdown Service (lack of)
    Please contact me if anyone knows the meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE

  9. I wish to make a complaint. I am unable to phone, chat or send an email. It means the Argos services to customers is non existence.
    I am unable to get into my account due to I have forgotten my ID and pass code. Are you in any position to help
    28 Selbourne Sq Godstone RH9 8AT jasoncolin1@aol.com 07747298833

  10. Jason Fraser
    6335 40991 05466 19033
    These are my details and each time I give them I get a response We do not recognize any of these details I have tried several times. Unable to contact Argos Customer care Unable to contact by Chat Line Unable to contact by phone. I need to get into my account. I would prefer if you would forward me a printed statement Thank you

  11. Hello,

    Order Reference : FT 241321, CODE 9239

    I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner on Saturday 20/02/21 from Argos at Westhoughton. I prepaid over the web and collected the vacuum cleaner about an hour later, and when I got home and started to unpack the cleaner – it was second hand and it was filthy and the box was broken, what a disappointment !!.

    I tried to contact you several times by phone on Saturday – that was also a disappointment !! as Argos have a very inefficient system. I started the chat only to find half way through you closed the chat. It was completely and utterly impossible to make contact with you, you clearly do not cater for customers unless they are actually handing over some form of payment to you. I am so disappointed.

    I was promised a refund, I have just checked by bank account to find the money £189.99 has still not been put back in my bank and 5 days have now passed!!. This is classed as theft because you clearly have no intentions whatsoever of refunding my money. I have paid £189.99 for a second hand vacuum cleaner.

    Argos – I am extremely disappointed and disgusted with your service and I am now going to make a formal complaint. If you are still intent on stealing my £189.99 (pennies to you I know, although its hard working cash to me), then you will leave me with no other option, than to report you to the Financial Ombudsman. You took my money quick enough, and now you are refusing to provide a refund.

    Argos – I will never ever shop with Argos again – you really are a set of thieving low lives.

  12. Hello,
    I am trying to get a resolution with an issue on a delivery. I have just moved into a new property in West Sussex and in the last 2 weeks I have spent (I just calculated) £2,147.29 sorting out homewares from you.

    A on the 7th April I was expecting delivery of a habitat large trunk, the Argos driver called at around 7.30pm in the evening to say he was on his way and to wait for a call again if he got lost. He called an hour later and said he was at the bottom of the driveway and was it the correct place. I said it sounded like it from the description, and I had given him directions previously. I told him I could walk down the drive to meet him if he was unsure of the entrance, I walked down in dark to meet him, but there was no truck at all on the road. I called his mobile back but no answer. The next morning, I go online to my Argos account and it says it has been delivered, I text the mobile from the previous night, and a person texts back to say it is a different driver and to call Argos directly. I call Argos, I get through to a lady called Jessica, who puts me through to another number which rings off for 15 minutes. I hang up and re dial and get back to the same lady, Jessica apologises and says she will look into it and phone me back in 10. minutes. She doesn’t phone back, I go onto the ARGOS facebook page and post this whole sorry litany there asking for help, and someone called GEE asks me to PM them my details, I do and give all the details again. Then someone called Aiden PM’s backs (after a barrage of questions) to say that after all that, the driver says he delivered it so its essentially not their problem and I’m to dispute it with my credit card company if I want to !? I am livid, I have been given no proof of delivery, no photo, no signature and after the small fortune I have spent with Argos over the last 14 days I get treated with shocking service. This has taken up a huge amount of frustration and time. Please can you help with this matter?

    Kind regards, Shona Kydd of Valewood Barn, RH13 0QJ Order number Order No: 1523475896

    1. like you say ,staff don’t give s… I paid for a hoover , the tube was broken, simple job ..take broken tube , phone me when new tube arrives. but oh no ..any1 would of thought I was ordering a new engine for a formula 1 racing car. staff were not interested they were rude unskilled. The blind leading the blind. Still no hoover tube . Iv purchased a fair amount of stuff from argos over the years . when it was argos back in the day the staff couldn’t do enough for you. what’s happened argos.

  13. you have once again failed me argos you were rude to me when picking my package up for my 5 year olds birthday! unbelieveable

  14. I was promised my hoover I purchased for my daughter with argos was going to be delivered on Monday between 7 am and 9 pm by your courier yodel nothing arrived I’ve complained I’ve purchased a lot with argos in the past I daughter I will buying much now v disappointed paul

  15. Am a argos card holder…
    Wanted to check availability on a item…
    Your webs site is not helpful or if you want to place a order there’s no way of doing it….
    You can not even phone up…. What kinda company are you….
    I think argos needs to move with the times…

  16. Recent communication with the call centre – stinking attitude of some within there, having the monopoly on this style of shopping (Index), begging for custom and being treated like something on your shoe is never acceptable. Sofa from March, faulty and engineer manipulated the pictures he took to come back as nothing wrong is not only shocking but disgusting – yip another appointment made, but the support expected as a customer is failing big time.

  17. I purchased challange FXT250 -8767613 bike on 1st Dec 2021 and installed) assembled it on 3rd Dec 2021. The bike is not reliable and comfortable as expected as suffering from back pain due to this product. Today I went to the High Wycombe Argos store to return the bike but the store manager has refused to take back the bike.  
    I literally requested the store manager and left the bike in the store but the store manager has denied and refused to return the money.
    Please look into the matter and arrange to return my hard earned money(179.99 Pounds). 
    Bike purchasing receipt is attached for reference.
    You are just playing with customers’ emotions and looting them badly. I tried to approach customer care to get the help but these people are also just through a ball from one bucket to another .

  18. I purchased challange FXT250 -8767613 bike on 1st Dec 2021 (Transaction ID 20211201/4707/76/10767) and assembled it on 3rd Dec 2021. The bike is not reliable and comfortable as expected as suffering from back pain due to this product. Today I went to the High Wycombe Argos store to return the bike but the store manager has refused to take back the bike.  
    I literally requested the store manager and left the bike in the store but the store manager has denied and refused to return the money.
    Please look into the matter and arrange to return my hard earned money(179.99 Pounds). My Mb No is 07747721150
    You are just playing with customers’ emotions and looting them badly. I tried to approach customer care to get the help but these people are also just through a ball from one bucket to another .

  19. Hi,
    I have to say how dissapointed i feel about Argos and yours services… I buy a tumble dryer and supose to be delivered on 13/12/21….Unfortunately this doesn’t happen! I did call delivery departament and very relaxed the Guy from over the phone inform me the order was cancel without being notified being low stock… I spend half waiting for delivery and no one not even try to tell me what is going on. I can’t beleive how poor it is services from this company called ARGOS!! It is not respect at all for customer… Nothing at all….

  20. To whom it may concern
    I am writing as an extremely dissatisfied and disappointed.
    As I live in a small village in Scotland i have used Argos to buy my Christmas presents and decorations plus other times in the year (birthdays etc) this year to my disappointment I made my selections for gifts and other goods only to find that they cannot be delivered due to out of stock yet I could collect the same order from the store,the problem there being my nearest store is a 96mile round trip which for me the is impossible as I have to rely on friends and family for transport.
    Why is it now impossible to get things delivered from you yet I can get a delivery all the way from another retailer in London.

    Extremely disappointed

  21. On Monday 10 January I ordered a Polly Pocket toy, reference 956/7128 from Argos @ Sainsburys, Longstone, Edinburgh. It was to be available for collection on Thursday 13 January. On Wednesday 12 January I viewed Argos website to confirm that I could collect it on the date advised. I inserted the order reference along with the Billing Post Code and my surname. I was surprised to receive the response “We’re sorry, the details you entered have not been recognised. Please try again.” I visited Argos Store at Sainsburys on the appointed date for collection only to be told it had not been received in store. I had to re-order and it was delivered to my home address on Saturday 15 January. Earlier in the day I viewed Argos website to check the delivery window only to be advised yet again there was no record of my order. Such lack of response and disorganisation does encourage me to buy from Argos again.

  22. We purchased a bush 19inch tv from Argos 18 months ago and it’s gone wrong, I would expect a tv to last more than 18 months,but it seems not to much of a problem with Argos.there customer service is appalling and virtually non existent,I’m now left with a useless Chinese chonkey tv.

  23. Dishonest company.
    Given 0345 640 2020 as the complaints line.
    It is the customer service line which has NO HUMAN and does not understand ENGLISH.
    Why do companies and their staff LIE and waste hours of customers time.

  24. Bad customer service and trying to get through you have to speak to them through a email

  25. I bought a laptop at argos store 15/03/2022. it was faulty and I tried to return it after 10 days and was met with aggresive bullying staff member . Under your return policy I had a 30 day return if I changed my mind or faulty goods. Needless to say neither were met. What a way to treat paying customers who pay the salaries of these people I am completely disgusted at the attitude of argos staff.

  26. Hi, I just wanted to say how Jordon and his manager where so helpful, I was very pleased they are a credit to the Sainsbury’s Argos in Nantwich.

  27. Argos are the worst retail group to try to contact. They can’t even publish the CEO correct email address. Invalid email address what a joke. Avoid buying anything there as they have no one you can complain to if needed. Quick to want the sake though. Why can Argos not just publish the CEO contact details for people to contact?

  28. Terrible service. The delivery guy was extremely rude. Called to confirm when he would be at mine within the 30mins he had initially agreed to deliver my freezer, and he mentioned it’s been dropped off at my neighbour’s and hung up the phone!
    Imagine, having to carry a freezer myself. What a way to treat customers!!

  29. Ridiculous, unable to talk to anyone about a issue that has just occurred, your driver came onto our cul-de-sac ripped all the bunting down put up for the Queens Platinum Jubilee and it was totally unnecessary. It is obvious to any driver of large vehicles that turning in our tight circle is damn near impossible. your driver came in facing forward and tried to turn his vehicle round. He give up after ripping all the bunting down and reversed back to where he was making the delivery. The delivery address wasnt even with in the circle.
    I tried to email the CEO in box full, I tried to contact Customer Services but because its not about an order or I didnt have an order number call ended.

  30. Ordered a bed for delivery and had a text and email saying it was on its way to us. An hour before it was due to arrive we had a text saying it wasn’t coming due to unforeseen circumstances and to ring Argos for a redelivery. Rang up only to be told that they can’t deliver due to having no stock. All they could off was a refund which we still don’t have and a £20 good will voucher. Absolutely shocking service they make it impossible to speak to someone higher up, all they offer is an address to write a letter to head office. Will not be using Argos again!

  31. Hi await request people, My brother has a thing for big cataloguespecially Argos ones I can’t get hold of any I’ve been to so many stores and I’ve run out of options his autistic and it’s 37 years old he had a heart attack
    few days ago and hes in critical care unit now, I’d really appreciate. it if you can get hold of any.

  32. Disgusting service from your company many calls made and no response false promises and still not resolved customers do not matter only the money that you take

  33. Hello. I would like to make a complaint. Yesterday I tried ordering a bike with insurance to be picked up at the Glasgow fort store using 1 of my debit cards. I received a message saying error. I presumed it was a problem with my card so I tried again using another 1 of my debit cards but received the same error message. I decided to wait and try again later however approx 15 later a £117.09 was taken from both my debit cards. So that’s my first complaint your system should not have taken payment out of any of my account after I had received an error message. My 2nd complaint is regarding the person I spoke to in your help line. He was able to cancel 1 off the orders and I was informed that it could take up to 7 days for my refund when I told him I was not happy with as I need that money in my account to pay for direct debits he basically dismissed my concerns and said nothing can be done that’s just how it works. I asked to speak to a supervisor and again he dismissed me outright stating you can’t speak to anyone he then refused to tell me his name after I asked him over and over again but to make things even worse he had the cheek to hang up on me mid conversation. I then called back and spoke to another person called Emmanuelle I informed him of what had happened and he told me I could put in a complaint and he could take the details. I may be wrong but the fact is I was wanting to place a complaint about one of his colleagues and I am not even sure if the compliant was logged or not. The way I was treated by the first person I spoke to was terrible his customer service skills are non existent and he either need a lot more training or removed from his position. Also the way the servers work going into someone’s bank account and taking money out even after the customer has been given an error message is not right. If an error occurs the order should be cancelled and left up to the customer to reorder when they want to. I would like to speak to someone about this as I feel I have been mistreated as a customer and would like an explanation regarding both parts of my compliant.
    I hope this complaint it taken seriously and you get in contact with me to explain the companies actions and your employees actions. However I doubt anything will be done.

  34. I have sent an email to the ceo reference a complaint about a van and the driver
    He was or she was putting my life at risk as well as others

  35. I would like to make a complaint regarding a recent order. I tried returning this product yesterday, the items inside was in the box and not touched. the store assistant opened the product and checked every attachment inside, told me that as its a high value item then they will have to check with there manager. Once checked with her manager she informed me that I will not be able to return the item as there are finger prints on the case and it’s a expensive item. The complaint i have is the return policy should be the same if its a low value or high value item and the finger prints on the case how could they determine if its its mine or the store assistant who spent 5 minutes looking at the item and had her fingers all over the case and items inside. Also if there was finger prints does that mean the item is damaged so couldn’t be returned. I believe that the store didn’t want me to return the item and made excuses to make sure i couldn’t. I feel really let down as a argos customer. This is the only complaint I’ve had to make with argos but feel necessary as it’s not correct or fair what happened to me. Can you please investigate and let me know the outcome. As I’ve been informed the item can no longer be returned I’ve now opened the product and its been used but don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else.

  36. Dear Mike Coue CEO
    why are you closing down all the Argos Stores in Ireland with the Loss of 580 jobs have you any respect for the Amazing and Hard Working staff at your stores in Ireland so a bit of Resect

  37. Absolute shit under average service.

    Iv ordered twice in the last 2 weeks

    Same item.

    Not delivered the first time.

    Second time you have charged me £200
    Not sent invoice not sent order through
    No explanation

    No money returned

    Your company are a bunch of retards

    Useless and conning.

    How can you sell charge an item and not provide the good and keep the money for a fucking week!

    No idiot In the whole company can rectify this

  38. Argos Delivery Service is the worst! Zero updates, Can’t get through to a person via the phone and Delivery Failure! I had a 2 – 6 pm delivery time, I Should have had a 2 hr slot allocated on the day, I never got one and it was after 3.15pm before I was finally told that not only would it not be delivered within the time slot, but that they MIGHT , … MIGHT be able to deliver at 8pm. It’s now 8pm and surprise surprise, no one has turned up, no one has called and Customer Services said the driver wasn’t answering his mob phone so they didn’t know where he was.
    What the hell kind of Micky Mouse company are you running?! Absolute Disgrace!

    1. I’m having a hard time finding the right number to report a manger for the way I was treated by the person I have never found a mover difficult site to find the correct number are email addresses.you’re right what is wrong with this company that doesn’t have any compliance numbers i must have spent so much time trying to figure out how to contact someone who can help but I feel like I’m banging my head

  39. Could you advise me if you have stopped selling the Nokia G11 32GD
    124/4511 as I am finding it very difficult to locate a store near me in Cheshunt Herts that stocks the item. And when the staff check locations it states that it is is NOT AVAILABLE in any other store
    If you have stopped stocking the item it should say so on your system

  40. Bunch of retards, selected Argos delivery option, days past never sent collections code, called the answer machine needed collection code to speak to a person, that was a dead duck, went to store as it’s a needy item, parcel was on till counter next to me, took Id order form driving licence bill addressed letter, said they could not give me the parcel, as I had no collection code, “I said how the f@@k do I get this f@@king code, she said they email it to you, well I have checked outbox junk box other box no Argos collection code, she well we cannot give you the item till we have the code as we cannot log it out! I said send it back am done!!

    1. Don’t ever bug electrical from Argos alway gets delivered damaged and when your forced to buy from somewhere else and tell them you nolo get want that product but a refund due to the incompetence it’s we can only give a replacement nothing but rip of bastards

  41. Dear sir or madam
    I would like to make serious complaint about argos store in Slough uxbridgerd sl2 1su, there customers service, Went to arogs may time, they see must of the time ,with in october i went to exchange something.And the staff was Indian, wonam ,was ver rude ,told me i was baned from the store.i should come next day ,get my exchange ,when left the store was walking with my trolley another staff of arogs was very rude ,didn’t even say excerise me ,the manager is the same ,when i left arogs i spoke to the security at sainsburys store for argos about the staff in argos how they spoke to me he told me complaints to argos headoffice .And this is not how staff should speak to customers, the staff should not treated customer like that, argos need to talk to these staff,manager, thank again.

  42. *** don’t buy anything from these scammers ***

    None of your email addresses work, scumbags…

    Booked a delivery slot…

    Called your shitty South African support number, well done argos, you win the most tight arse company award, like they can help me in Africa and as if they arnt selling my details out the back door, least argos saved some money though…

    Online chat is in India…

    Argos employe slaves…

    BTW where is my order you lying scumbags…

  43. I will never buy from Argos again, they had the £119.99 out of my bank account straight away and won’t send my item every time i phone them i get told something different about their supplier. They won’t give my money back, won’t send the item. The Argos shops at Sainsbury’s are not worth the hassle every time I’ve been there nearly everything is on line and i hate online. They have lost me as a customer like many others who are now shopping elsewhere, they took my money then ripped me off, I’ll be contacting tradeing standards soon, yes amongst other things Argos you here that.

  44. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am making a specific complaint against Argos for selling me a product in a wrong packaging, this is deceptive and it is considered as a fraud . On the 13th of February I bought a Bose Smart Ultra 5.1.2 sound Bar with Dolby Atmos-Black online which was out of stock almost everywhere it was only available in Huntingdon. I live in Ashford Kent but because I wanted this product so bad I decided to order the product and went to collect it in Argos Huntingdon store. I didn’t open the item until yesterday 02nd of March for my son’s birthday. While trying to setting up the soundbar with Bose app on my phone couldn’t do it because I actually chosen on the app the Bose smart Ultra while the actual product was Bose 900 in the Bose smart Ultra 5.1.2 boxe. I knew this by contacting Bose technical support while having issue setting up the product. They asked me to send them the serial number of the product which completely different from the serial number on the Box. I was very disappointed and it almost ruined my son’s birthday. Argos is such a big company to be involved in such a malicious activity. For that matter I am asking for a compensation for wasting my time, my money and ruining my son’s birthday party, in addition to this I am requesting the original product to be delivered to me with the selling price advertised as at that date for £800 instead of £900.
    If this conditions are not met then I will have no choice than taking a legal action against the company.

    Should you need any relevant information or proof I am happy to provide them.

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