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British Gas headquarters address Millstream, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5GD
British Gas complaints address Complaints Management Team, PO Box 226, Rotherham, S98 1PB
British Gas head office and complaints phone number 0333 202 9802
British Gas complaints email customercomplaints@britishgas.co.uk
British Gas CEO Chris O’Shea
CEO Email chris.oshea@centrica.com
British Gas complaints to the CEO British Gas official complaints page
British Gas customer service number related to Energy 0330 100 0056
British Gas customer service number for Home Services 0333 009 5784
Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/britishgas/
Twitter Twitter.com/britishgas

— British Gas is a British multinational energy and services company headquartered in Windsor, Berkshire. It was founded in 2000 by the merger of British Gas plc and Centrica. As one of the Big Six energy providers in the United Kingdom, British Gas provides gas to around 11 million homes, and electricity to 3.5 million homes. Are you a customer of British Gas? If so, then this blog post is for you! In this post, we will be providing all the contact information you need for British Gas Head Office as well as their CEO. We will also be discussing complaints against British Gas and what you can do if you are not happy with your service.

British Gas is a British multinational energy and services company headquartered in Windsor, Berkshire. It was founded in 2000 by the merger of British Gas plc and Centrica. As one of the Big Six energy providers in the United Kingdom, British Gas provides gas to around 11 million homes, and electricity to 3.5 million homes. Are you a customer of British Gas? If so, then this blog post is for you! In this post, we will be providing all the contact information you need for British Gas Head Office as well as their CEO. We will also be discussing complaints against British Gas and what you can do if you are not happy with your service.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

If you need to contact British Gas Head Office for any reason, their postal address is: British Gas PO Box 227 Rugeley Staffordshire WS15

You can also reach British Gas by phone free at 0800 048 0202 <=== this number is no longer available. The new British Gas customer service number is: For British Gas customer service that is related to Energy call 0330 100 0056 available between Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. And for For British Gas customer service that is related to Home Services call 0333 009 5784 1 Our team are available between Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm


If you are a British Gas customer and you are not happy with your service, you can make a complaint by calling this number. British Gas also has an online complaint form that you can fill out.

The current CEO of British Gas is Chris O’Shea. He was appointed to the role in 2020. Prior to his current role, he was the CEO of First Utility.

If you have a complaint about British Gas, there are a few things you can do. First, as we mentioned, you can call their customer service number or fill out their online complaint form. You can also complain directly to the CEO by writing a letter or emailing him. If you are not satisfied with British Gas’s response to your complaint, you can also contact the Energy Ombudsman.

We hope you found this blog post helpful! If you need to contact British Gas Head Office, now you know how! And if you are not happy with your British Gas service, we hope this post has given you some ideas on what to do next. Thank you for reading! British Gas is a British multinational energy and services company headquartered in Windsor, Berkshire. It was founded in 2000 by the merger of British Gas plc and Centrica. As one of the Big Six energy providers in the United Kingdom, British Gas provides gas to around 11 million homes, and electricity to around 14.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please visit their website or give them a call at 0800 048 0202

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  1. dear sir trying to get email address for customer service at British gas impossible they don’t want people to send email and i can put it better with photo that cannot do on live chat or on the phone it looks like my bill is working out more per unit than my dads and we Boths have the same kilowatt price how can that be right i only use very little as at dads as his carer only 17 unit last quarter dad over 198 but his unit price work out a lot less so that need to explained to me but no one wants to be able top be contacted by email

  2. Appalling service as much use as a chocolate teapot. Staff are inefficient and problems not rectified waiting to move to another provider when bg get off their backsides backsides and sort out many months of mistakes. Absolutely disgusting. Hope you read this and put an end to this.

  3. Appalling service staff inefficient 3 months to sort out and still trying. No one knows anything have now gone to ondminson who has taken the case

  4. My Smart Meter stopped working 11 months ago,numerous Emails to Customer Service have been ignored.Finaly my wife who is the electrical account holder did manage to make contact after 57 mins on the phone.A engineer did visit my home and checked the system.He reported back to his Seniors that my system was out of date and needs updating.He then told me he was not able to update the system but had reported the fact ,and another engineer would come and sort the problem.He did say he had connected both the gas and electric together so we had both powers.This was a month ago and still no one has been in contact saying when they will fix it.I cannot send any readings because your system says I am on a Smart meter and they arrive automatically.However You Are Estimating the readings.
    Presently your customer service is failing and in my case could be costing me money owing to the energy costs.Would You Please resolve my problem soonest.
    Major Alan Woodbridge


    1. I’m still waiting for my Ict and Nov vouchers too! They were sent to my address in the wrong name! Despite SEVERAL emails, online chats, Twitter chats phone calls and Facebook chats I’m still not getting anywhere. I’ve been told several different things! I’ve got all the names of the agents and photo shots of all the ‘ chats’ through different media that I’ve had with them.

  6. Customer Services at British Gas is not fit for purpose. What’s going on?
    I am beyond frustrated, I have tried all possible ways to communicate with BG since the 19 August this year, including phoning, emailing and writing to the following, ‘customer services’, the Management team at Rotherham (whose email address incidentally is unmanned)? and the CEO, Chris O Shea. Absolutely no response from anyone to date.
    I just want to inform them that my 96 year old vulnerable Mother was re housed by the local council due to severe torrential rain flooding her property, which now remains vacant due to the damage. She will not be moving back to this property, and I need BG to send out a final bill. Due to the circumstances, they need to take the readings. You’d think this would be simple, no such luck!
    Shoddy service!

  7. We had the misfortune to be transferred to British Gas after the demise of our previous energy supplier PFP. In all the years we were with PFP invoices were correct and easy to understand, using meter reading and not estimates, unlike British Gas.
    Over the last 12 months we sent 4 recorded delivery letters concerning inaccurate billing and balance and never got a written reply or even an acknowledgement of the letters. Invoice after invoice was cancelled and replaced by one even more difficult to understand.
    However, now British Gas has gone one step further in their total bookkeeping mayhem by wiping off our considerable credit (accrued to cover the winter months)in one fell swoop. One incompetent employee (probably working from home) managed to add the last invoice sum to the total of our credit and naming the result: Total energy cost (including VAT and adjustments) with the balance being the sum of the invoice. What utter lunacy!
    So now a letter to the CEO plus one to Martin Lewis to highlight this unbelievable ineptitude are on their way.

    1. Exactly the same problem I’m having, since October 2021.
      Now researching other ways to try communicate.
      Ombudsman case still open with them.

  8. Disgusting customer service, the tel number given above for complaints is just a normal line and not a specific complaint line. If your complaint is for on line stuff they cannot deal and tell you to do online…. however you can’t get on lint to report as no-one answers the chat. I did an online complaint form and now told no complaint received even though I got a return e-mail with a ref number. Tried the e-mail given above and it bounces straight back saying e-mail address not monitored. Now been on phone another half hour and told can’t do anything this end but e-mail complaint handler and tech team. I’m then telling her but I get told this time and time again and nothing gets resolved. I’ll be phoning next week as nothing will be heard and theyll tell me oh we can only e-mail the tech team and so on and on. Its not good enough. I am paying for energy supply and customer service and the customer service is nil …… Sincerely hoping I can change supplier.

  9. Cannot access on line account or app therefore I do not know what is going on with my account.Having suffered a stroke would westroke I am a tremely stressed and would welcome some genuine help with this as I have tried to contact so many times.perhaps a paper bill would be in order. Or better still fix your website!!

  10. Absolute shocking service! Made lots of phone calls as they have sent me a pay as you go key but I have no access to my meter ! Tried to call and sort it to be told a manger will call me, no call from a manger ! Also told another staff member would call me and they didn’t call back neither ! Constant back and forth and no one knows what they are even talking about !

  11. Joining British Gas feels like I committed a serious criminal offense. My friend referred me to this service provider who has to proved to be very unprofessional, don’t have ant empathy to their customers and a waste of my space

    You ask them to do something, but they do completely the opposite. First time was my gas and electricity went off and noone knew what was the problem until my personal electricity discoverd that my meters were changed without prior warning. Unfortunately talking to their call centre based in Cape Town, South Africa has proved to be a waste of my time. The agents there are very rude and you are pushed from pillar to post.

    The second time, there was no electricity again even though I had £55 credit on my meter we went for the day without gas or electricity in these hostile temperatures. Again, no one is interested to assist and neither do they know how to fix the problem or who to speak to. British gas is just a total nightmare and in such a terrible mess when it comes to customer service.

  12. I have waited well over 21 days to have my serious complaint dealt with regarding BG taking over £300 hundred pounds from my bank account after closing my BG account due to a house move. Sent 2 e-mails to BG with no reply. I now intend to send hard copies of my case to various members of the board, BG customer services, various consumer groups and the Ombudsman. If this doesn’t work I intend to report the matter further in law.

  13. The phone number 0800 048 0202 is, surprise surprise, ‘no longer in service’.
    Just another example of BG quality of service.

  14. New Boiler installed by British Gas 2 years ago with 5 years warranty and supported by British Gas Homecare subscription.
    Heating failed 7th Dec 2022. BG contacted 8th Dec.BG Engineer visited 12th Dec and advised suspicion of incorrect nstallation needing verification by boiler manufacturer. 5 BG engineer unsuccessful visits later and after making a formal complaint Boiler rep, unaccompanied by BG visited on 19th Jan to confirm boiler incorrectly installed by BG. BG now want to revist to validate Boiler report. No timing for resolution but BG confirm that BG Complaints now are responsible not Customer Service and have 8 weeks from formal complaint to respond! Next step is letter to CEO then Ombudsman.
    Compensation for excess energy use will be central to the resolution as will negotiation on moving from BG without losing Warranty cover.
    Utter Chaos!!!!

  15. My 97 year old mother has been without heating all week due to a faulty thermostat — we told BG at service recently it was faulty and they refused to change it so I asked for a Hive and they sent me a quote but when I said let’s go head ignored this!! My mother now has a cold. Could BG kill her through negligence – perhaps – I have sent complaint emails twice over the last week and they are ignored. writing CEO now.

  16. It is impossible to get through to the right department at British Gas, I thought Boost had terrible Service, but I think they use the same call center, having been in the Customer Service Industry for many years I am appalled by the service, the standard answer is that this has been escalated and wait 14 days – I only joined British Gas on the 1st Feb, instant regret!
    Sort it out you surely have enough money to offer better service than this!

  17. BG are supplying us with electric since sept 22 we still cannot get them to set us up with an electricity account despite many phone calls ,emails etc to complaints dept we have also sent meter readings , its like talking to a brick wall , when our fixed deal ends we are leaving them , they are useless , they seem to be supplying us with free electric ha ha DONT TOUCH THEM

  18. I had the misfortune to be transferred to BG when my energy supplier collapsed. Nightmare ever since. They are incapable of sending an accurate quarterly bill. I pit a formal complaint in on 27th February….. They treat it like a complaint, not formal. It’s now 5 weeks on & still no resolution. All I’m asking is that when I submit my reading at the end of the quarter they send me a bill staying how much energy I’ve used, proce per unit, service charge, total amount, how much I paid monthly for the period & the balance. BG are incapable of doing this. Have repeatedly sent me me inaccurate bills with statement so diverse (like – £675 debt to £750 credit for the same quarter!! Their S. African complaints dept keep treating it as a complaint not a Formal Complaint…..I have spent hours on the phone trying to explain to them but still they don’t understand. I can’t even refer it to the Ombudsman as I need them to do a formal complaint procedure first (they’ve still mot told me what their process is!) Am soooo tired of them. I want to leave but tied till end of June. I will never NEVER use BG again. Awful…. Shouldnt be in business.

  19. recently i received an e mail from bg to change to a cheaper tariff when i checked the tariff to get this i had to agree to have a smart meter fitted. which i did not want. then i contacted resolver for help bg phoned me & said if i don,t have a smart meter you won,t get the new tariff. i contacted the ombudsman they said wait 8 weeks & come back to us. i am still on the old tariff. ps the new tariff is dearer than the old tariff,. but for 12 months

  20. How is it possible that on our new build estate in Biggleswade bedfordshire people at this address , a central bedfordshire council new build property can rig neighbouring properties gas supplies aand electricity use already existing customers names to set up accounts and pay no bills. They are even moving people outside meters. Using false ID at property and police ID 34,gale drive biggleswade,32 and 36 and many other taken over properties of first garden and city homes

  21. My parents, both in their 80’s now living in fear of being cut off due to an error on British Gas billing system saying they owe over £10,000 for energy despite them proving regular meter readings and being almost £900 in credit until the new “surprise” bill appeared. Tried calling – complete waste of time. What are elderly people supposed to do to get help from BG? Absolutely disgusted with the lack of service.

  22. ❤️❤️❤️British Gas Electric with Supermarket❤️❤️❤️ can bring by British Gas Suppliers in UK
    Rishi Sunak and sign with India Litro Gas and open British Gas service station with electric chargers and Super market . We can make more profit in uk .
    This will make you profits give me £50,000 pounds to my account.
    Rishi Sunak

  23. British gas are unprofessional I’ve been trying to get my credit back of them for nearly four months I’ve been lied to had the phone put down on me on countless occasions they have even call barred my phone number I’ve emailed the ceo but no response I have no choice now but to take them through the claims court now this company is operating in there own rules and totally ignoring vulnerable people it’s disgusting the way we are treated by these people

  24. disgusting service .I’ve been given 13 different phone numbers .NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING .No one helps you .
    The ROBOT that takes calls is a joke .Ive been waiting a year to get my complaint dealt with and I am no further forward ,

  25. Quite frankly British Gas are a joke. It appears from my experiences, they are more interested in relieving customers of their money than providing a useful decent service. Adios I’m off when I get my money back.

  26. Ware do I start I was in debt, £241 I change over to pay-as-you-go smart meter on 22 June 2023 witch I been topped up sin . I was told my smart meter will take £5 a week off me for my money that I owe British Gas . Now I don’t understand why I am still in in-depth sale for £340, which is showing up on my credit score now if you work it out today I paid £80 off my debt witch mean my debt should only be £160 now I Been on call after call I also emailed British Gas app as well no one helping me I am a disable and all this is stressful so can some help me

  27. I too have been having problems with British Gas. I am 80 and on a pension yet I have been informed that they will take £247.00 a month to clear a debt of £1,400 that I was suddenly slammed with after they were taking 26.00 a month and receiving bill telling me I was on target to cover usage. CEO supposedly asked someone to investigate and had no reply to information sent in August. Call centre is based in South Africa and had trouble understanding accent when asking for information. Postal address given is CF10 5BT- Cardiff. Further investigation shows this address along with quite a few other companies. Another is BG POBos 227 Rotherham S98 1PD. I have already had letter sent to Rugely returned by post office saying no longer at that address and no reply from Windsor supposedly their HQ. Maybe if I address to Scarlet Pimpernel it will find them. Now ashamed to say BG shareholder.

  28. British Gas although friendly Customer Service, their performance in dealing with many Complaints is nothing short of abysmal. Their use of the English language suggests a non-native speaker and their drafting skills leave much to be desired. As understanding their emails requires a cold towel round your head.
    Avoid BG if at all possible. I shall be jumping ship.
    I’ll bet this comments box is never read by BG and is just window dressing of the shabbiest sort.

  29. I left British gas 6 months ago with £500 in credit on my meter they have now told me that they won’t be giving me my refund

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