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DVLA headquarters postal address Swansea Upper Fforest Way, Swansea Vale, Llansamlet, Swansea SA7 0AN, United Kingdom
DVLA head office and complaints phone number 0300 790 6801
DVLA CEO Julie Lennard
CEO Email Julie.Lennard@dvla.gsi.gov.uk
DVLA complaints to the CEO https://contact.dvla.gov.uk/ceo_complaints
Facebook Facebook.com/dvlagovuk
Twitter twitter.com/dvlagovuk

DVLA contact number is really dependent on what are you looking to talk with them about:

  1. Vehicle tax and SORN number: 0300 790 6802
  2. Driving licences and applications number: 0300 790 6801
  3. Vehicle registration and V5C certificates number: 0300 790 6802
  4. Driving and medical issues DVLA number: 0300 790 6806
  5. Your driving licence information: 0300 083 0013
  6. Checking someone else’s licence: 0300 083 0013
  7. Cysylltu â DVLA dros y ffôn: 0300 790 6819

DVLA complaints procedure is described here

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  1. Good Afternoon Sir/Madam I need too let Yous Know Yous Ought too stop Making use of the 6s and 7s on All of the Next New Registration Plates. Now there are 4,700 Fraudulent Registration Plates consisting of the 6s and 7s in Asian Slang Language’s. Now there is a Fraudulent Racist Islamist Plot, Criminal Damages with the 7s, just as well some of G7s are Racist and it is your some of your staff who were taking Bribes from Others that are Fraudulently Deceptive, just as well as they had been making use of the Asian Slang Languages and Odd Fraudulent Numbers that represents the 6 Satans Tail and the 7s Now Yous Ought too change and stop Issuing any more of those Registration Plates. Just as well as some Occupations we’re Witch Cursed Taxis, Ambulances, some of the Police Vehicles and Buses and Other Vehicles, Now I have already informed the Police and will Report again what Some of You Staff have done. What Yous ought too do is on the Next New Registration plates go By the Exact Month, Exact Year of Purchase, Ban all Asian Slang Languages from the Next New Vehicles. Start Making Use of The Exact Areas we’re the Vehicles we’re purchased and Always keep all of The Registration Plates Organized in these Ways. We Know Very Well some of Your Staff had taken Bribes too create most of the Registration plates just as well some were deliberate and had carried out the Fraud. Yous Ought too put the Fraudulent Misconducts too an End they will never Work Nor ever be Accepted and We will Have Yous Charged if the Matter is left Ignored Lakhbir Kaur

  2. DVLA is not fit for purpose. People complain about customer service but the problem is not in the customer service which is delivered over the phone. The problem is created by the administrative team and their we can’t care less culture. I feel sorry for the customer service team listening to the frustration of the people. The administration team culture is rotten. Self-righteous, patronising, can’t be bothered to pick up phone or send an email, can’t care less attitude. In a technology boom the only way to communicate is a letter?!?? Shocking. The incompetent administrative team creates unnecessary problems for DVLA and people, creates delays and frustration, and backlogs in phone line for customer service. At the end it comes down to the CEO of the administration .

  3. I have just had a e-mail and i must say you should check records before you send them . it says about my car and i have never driven a car or had a car in my life and i dont intend to im 82years old /

  4. I couldn’t agree more with Daniela Horakova. It seems that nothing has improved since I dealt with DVLA medical section 3 three years ago and it looks like the same problems are going to raise their ugly heads again

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