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  1. Please tell me how to get a Pin Number.
    I have asked and asked but I still can’t get a Pin Number
    I have been a Nat West client for around fifty odd years and still I can’t get a Pin Number. Why?

    1. I am elderly and more or lesss housebound so can’t get into my branch.
      Natwest don’t appear to care or respond to anyone or anything. Money has been vanishing from my account – the last amount was over £800 and despite complaints no one will reply to me and as for contacting the CEO’s office don’t waste your time or hold your breath.
      I caught one member of staff at my branch ‘rummaging’ through my account one Sunday afternoon. He had no business to be there.My complaint was upheld but since then I’ve ‘paid’ for that in that some of the staff I have dealt with since have been less than helpful ).
      As for getting a new cheque book! I’ve been trying to get one for some long time.(and there are still times when only a cheque will do)
      I’ve banked with the Nat West since my original bank was taken over by them,some long time ago.
      Why we bother posting these comments I don’t know the bank don’t read them. It’s pity the press don’t read them perhaps they might be able to use their weight to force some attention to be focused, by the bank, on these problems.
      Much has been made of the fact the present CEO has a very large family (twelve children I think I read) and still finds time to run a successful business!

  2. Why can I not get a Pin Number.
    What do I have to do?
    Been a customer for ages.
    Will have to find a new Bank I think.

  3. And why do you not respond to phone requests.
    I am quite poorly and don’t really want to have to set about changing banks
    But I will if it’s the only option left to me.

  4. FAO Alison Rose

    Having banked with you for over 40 years, I consider myself a long standing loyal NatWest customer. I am now hold a Black account in the Warwickshire region.

    I was recently contacted to advise that my Private Banking Manager had changed. I contacted your new member of staff over a month ago to discuss our account. The reason for me contacting you now is as follows:

    – your private banking manager has not responded to numerous email communications from me
    – there appears few methods to communicate with NatWest in these situations/circumstances, so to avoid further disappointment in lack of feedback I felt the need to contact yourself
    – I feel bitterly disappointed by the lack of customer services from NatWest and felt I should raise this to your attention
    – I am sure you focus on customer NPS scores to gauge how you are doing versus your service levels – I feel this reflects poorly against your usual high standards

    I would therefore appreciate the PR team that will ultimately pick this communication up, to reach out to the manager of this individual and ensure this situation is resolved quickly

    Jen Morrison

  5. As with every thing else relating to your bank, the email address given on your Headoffice.center page for Alison Rose does not work and just bounces back. Why put an email address on a public page when you know or should know that it does not work?

  6. I am appalled at the service I am receiving from Nat West. At the beginning of Feb I reported a scam/fraud that had been perpetrated against my nephew for whom I have POA as he has considerable learning difficulties. I have sent all relevant details and have heard nothing. I have endeavoured to speak to someone in the Fraud Team for the past two days. I have been passed from one person to another having to explain the circumstances each time. I now can’t get through at all having been given another number for the Scam Team….waiting over 20 minutes. I would be grateful for some coherent response before I take the matter to the Financial Ombudsman.

  7. Dear Alison,

    Having Banked with Natwest for many years now I’m appalled to learn after reading a recent story that Natwest is looking to serve anti crypto notices and to Ban all customers that wish to purchase any crypto currencies.. could you explain why this is please as its appalling if this is the case that Natwest are potentially dictating to customers what they can and cannot invest in??
    if this is the case I like thousands of others I’m sure will be looking to transfer all funds from Natwest and close accounts as soon as.

    We haven’t invested in any crypto as yet but were looking to in the near future..we clearly wouldn’t like our bank dictating what we can or cannot invest in.
    Natwest would be seen as dinosaurs if this was the case and feel that you would clearly miss out on billions of investment money from customers who cash in crypto and transfer back into natwest accounts in the future.

  8. I have been trying to get an account and complaint resolved you have ignored it. Instead hacking into and deleting said account. Passing my details around the U.K. . Do you think this is how you should be dealing with a complaint that has been going on for 5-6 years. My mother has also passed away during that time 2017 to be exact. Will you sort this out or do I have to go back to Watchdog like other Customers of yours??????, sort it out!! I also need to know what you have done with the money I paid back and also PPI. I am looking for compensation from you for the anxiety and stress you are causing through your ignorance and bullying. When I am grieving for my mother and already suffer from hypertension and depression!!!?

  9. After another online encounter with ‘Ask Cora’, I have to express my frustration.
    Talking to friends and family who currently have NatWest accounts, we share stories of the responses we get. All start with the entertainment value but rapidly move onto frustration.
    As an organisation, you should feel embarrassed to have this product front and centre of your AI customer interface,
    If I have to rely on Cora, I will close my accounts and transfer to a bank who could provide a competent AI interface.

  10. Dear Alison Rose,
    I fully understand the need for procedures to combat fraudsters,scammers and launderers etc and have been happy for the checking interventions Natwest have in place to protect clients. However having said that, I am currently having a very bad experience and am being disadvantaged and victimised by what I can only describe as high handed, brutally rough and unprofessional treatment by individuals operating within the anti-fraud team. The process is disruptive, offensive, demeaning and there are employees who are wielding a power which one normally aligns with communist or police state control attitudes and behaviours.
    The problem seems to be rooted in what happens when blocking systems are triggered, how does the innocent person get out of it reasonably quickly in order to avoid disruption and disadvantage. Making people jump through hoops yes to prove aspects, but make that a simpler process by means of using electronic transmission of identity data rather than the inconvenience of having to travel miles into a city centre carrying documentation at a time, in my case where I am elderly, clinically vulnerable, am home shielding plus have heart and mobility issues all of which have been explained yet brutally ignored by your systems.
    My experience and treatment by Natwest since Saturday 7th August, when one of your Fraud operating officers (Mamousil?) spoke with me by telephone, has been utterly disgraceful, unbending, insensitive, making wrong assumptions impertinent and arrogantly rude, behaving and operating in ways where one is guilty until proven innocent and that for me and im sure for many others would be received as unacceptable. If there is anything untoward, suspicious or any flagged allegation it should be indicated and the opportunity to clarify given. When the checking call came to me on saturday and the discussion was had with me answering security ID stuff and me clarifying and explaining what i was trying to purchase and for what reason, that should be sufficient or indeed an easier method of submitting the evidence of ID and or purchase detail be available to avoid the massive disruption, stress, loss and disadvantage this has now caused to my life. All of this is not a good advert for your organisation and there are alternative banks who have such procedures in place using encryption technology for ID so as to quickly restore systems to the innocent and not guilty clients who find themselves unavoidably in such situations. I have as of yesterday set up an account with Starling Bank and after being a NatWest customer since the age of 17, now at the age of 71 will be transferring all my future banking activity to them. I am deeply distressed and disappointed by all this, it has wasted much time trying to unpick, unlock and recover my £10K, which as of today I am still no further forward, I have been passed from pillar to post, left hanging on countless empty phone lines, been spoken to as though i am of little value, been asked intrusive questions, been made to grovel all of which stacks up for me to conclude that this is not the way to retain good honest personal banking clients.
    Surely there must be a better way of going about this, to provide a better level of banking infrastructure to protect the innocent other than treat everyone that moves a lump of money as a crimminal. If there is anything you can do to intervene it would be appreciated but I suspect your organisation is too large and this personal appeal will be of little consequence in the whole scheme of things, so I doubt if it will receive your personal attention. However I will retain a level of hope and optimism.
    Yours sincerely
    Chris John Fowler

  11. There is no service no way if contact and it is well nigh impossible to access funds. This bank is trouble.

  12. my husband has been trying all day to send an email letter of complaint to the Natwest Bank. As with the comments here, he has been sending stuff to Nowhere!
    The Banks don’t do anything for you except charge fines. There are very few left on the High Street now and if you call their customer help lines then it is usually speaking to someone with a foreign accent, so abroad and cant understand them. I am going to put my email on here and see if head office can get back to us tomorrow please?Dear Ms Rose – C.E.O Natwest Bank
    Having recovered from a recent illness l can now find the time to contact you personally to convey my disappointment with recent issues l have had with my life long bank of over 52 years NatWest and always in credit.
    I might also inform you that I have found it very difficult to contact you to complain.
    These are the main issues of complaint which l will explain in recent date order.
    1) Unpaid cheque
    11/06/2012 after transferring £3000.00 from my savings to current account l raised a cheque for this amount payable to my wife co-account owner, it was to finance a garden project and she deposited the money into her H.S.B.C. current account.
    14/06/2012 she received a letter from her bank stating the cheque had been returned unpaid by the drawers bank, refer to drawer. infuriated l immediately looked up my NatWest statement and found the transfer hadn’t happened why l don’t know but l would have thought if NatWest were bothered they would have seen the substantial funds in our accounts and contacted me before refusing payment.
    2) Replacement Debit card and cheque book.
    26/05/2021 l contacted customer services and informed them of my misplaced debit card they stated that it was cancelled a new card would be with me within 4-7 working day’s but it didn’t arrive. On the 03/06/2021 once again l contacted customer services they couldn’t understand why it hadn’t arrived and re-ordered another card, and it didn’t arrive.
    3) 11/06/2021 once again the same procedure but this time l ordered a debit card for my wife which arrived before my replacement card.
    So four calls and no card and because I was without it I was forced to use my Mastercard to draw out money to live on at an extra cost of £20.00 and finally on the 22/06/2021 l had a call explaining why the numerous cards had gone astray, the excuse was that even though l had informed them of our change of address the “delivery “ address was my previous one, so with respect very poor administration by NatWest.
    4) Transfer of funds for house purchase on completion.
    25/03/2021 l contacted customer services to transfer online £542,881.60 the funds for our new house purchase naming the payee my solicitor in Norwich, l was informed that this wasn’t possible without proof of payee which l had already given them. l was informed that because of the amount l would need to visit a local Nat West branch(Newmarket) In Covid 19 LOCKDOWN – who would carry out the procedure. l went over to Newmarket branch which was a 50 mile trip from where l was at the time and after waiting an hour to see the right member of staff and at a cost of £25.00 two hours later the funds had been transferred and told that l should check later to confirm this. l was annoyed at the charge but at least the monies had gone from the account to the payee or so we thought! Later that day l contacted customer services to check that everything was is in order and was told the money had left and was on it’s way l should check again as completion was on the following day 26/03/2021. I contacted the Solicitor waiting for the monies to arrive and said it should arrive that day, but didn’t do!
    Once again later that evening l contacted customer services and was told that the payment had gone missing it couldn’t be found so they would have to involve NatWest fraud department as there could be fraudulent activity! Can you imagine the stress this caused us both and we didn’t sleep that night at all and was told not to worry but we have heard so many tales of people being robbed of their savings . As l said it was a most stressful time and l rang customer services very early the following day and eventually they rang me back to say that the payment had landed safely with a ‘sorry it just one of those things’, believe me there was some wiping of our brows that morning!
    To be honest l am not 100% certain of the content of my many conversations with customer services but l am sure these are recorded so you can check to confirm my comments were correct.
    So finally in conclusion these are the facts and seriously are not acceptable from an institution of your magnitude. So now it’s of my chest, and not sadly, l am so cross that i am seriously considering closing my accounts after 50 or more years of loyalty to your bank, finding another provider of financial services. l won’t make my decision on what to do immediately, or even if i will contact the financial ombudsman, until l receive your response.
    Yours Sincerely
    A M

  13. Seeing all these comments I am disgusted.
    You can see the appalling service you are giving to your customers and you are not doing anything about it.
    I have just been through such an ordeal with you over last 2 months, I actually had members of staff lying to me on several occasions.

    I too have tried to email Alison Ros, as yes you have email address as public buy then it bounces back.

    This just validates the whole sorry service that you are offering right now. I will be going to the ombudsmen.

  14. I am a lawyer living Africa who has suffered racial abuse from a Bank employee, but I have been unable to contact the CEO for the last five days. I need urgent assistance

  15. I have today spent nearly all day contacting nat west after receiving a call from the fraud team, i have made many calls as they have stopped the debit card plus I CANNOT SEE THIS ACCOUNT ON THE SCREEN, after ring first a Daniel said it looks like the account was stopped because of fraud he said he can get the stop removed and left me hanging on for over an hour and never returned, then a messeage come in asking for the number that contacted me so I gave the number they said dose not exist!!! that person never came back from the fraud dept.
    Then I called nat west bank again at 1.45pm and spoke to a female called Jess). I explained my account has disapperared, she said she would find out why it was stopped, I said you will come back as the oher person did not, she said yes she had all my contact details, GUESS WHAT she never came back, then a message arrived asking the same question as above for the number that contacted me so I gave the number they said dose not exist !!!! that person never came back from the fraud dept.
    Then I went on chat and spoke to Neha at 14.38pm (of which I have a copy of the chat), he did not help he told me to ring I explained I keep getting the message the number dose not exist, he then suggested I call he said woud help.
    At 6.15pm I rang that number automated asking for my 16 digit number I gave that, it said it dose not exist.
    What the hell is going on, I will try and email Alison Rose but have read that her e-mail bounces back, it better not. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DELETE OR CLOSE MY ACCOUNT AS THERE IS MONEY IN IT, I willgo to the local bank and get them sorted this account pays direct debits etc. VERY ANGRY CUSOMER

    1. I’m having the same kinds of pain last four months. My business is about to ruin. Did your program was short. How? I’m going to be mad soon.

  16. Yes, the Alison Rose email address does not work and simply ‘bounces back’ emails.
    This seems to be a generic thing with many companies these days – I think it must be due to the sheer number of emails received in the past stopped Alison from being able to do any actual work at all. So the address has been discontinued.
    The only other option was that most, or all, emails were of customers complaining at being unable to contact customer support (another loss making unit to the company) and this was too depressing to read every day. Who knows.
    Maybe puting everything online is not such a good thing after all.

  17. They Just don’t care. I’m trying to get ibanking on my account, an account that I have held for 30 plus years. I’ve phoned ibanking they have directed me reluctantly to the form to fill out after a 60 minute wait and I’ve completed and sent the form months back. No response. Now I’ve messaged ibanking to give me a simple call back. They won’t do this so now I’m closing my account of which they seemed more than happy to provide rather than a simple call back. It’s all really bizarre although, as I was going to invest significant sums. Although, I’m happy that I’ve found out how really bad they are at this stage.

  18. I have banked with. You for over 20yrs I have been scammed and can’t seems to find any body to talk to about this im so stress just always in gage

  19. Copy of a bounced email to Alison Rose

    Good Morning Mrs Rose,

    Can you please help me?

    For some reason somebody in NW decided to stop on-line access to my accounts -personal and business on Jan 10

    Small beer I know , but after many calls, branch visits,Facebook chats and obviously complaints forms (2) I am

    still unable to log on and manage my accounts.

    It started on Jan 10 an email arrived welcoming me to NW on-line banking giving a new 4 digit code
    to add to my DoB log in and the promise that an Activation Code would be texted or posted.(a bit strange as I had been on-line continuously already for many years)

    Can somebody please just find a way to get me back on line- it is on my mind 24/7 what have I done to be so treated and worse totally ignored!?

    Yours sincerely,

    Edward Michael Balmforth

  20. please get farah agora Ahmed to contact please urgently please at +66826183462
    email re my account please she is at
    W.C 214 HIGH HOLBORN Branch London

  21. My four business accounts have been subject to a GDPR breach and are now in the hands of my ex husband. I have mthousands of pounds in the accounts and I am relying on his good will not to take the money out. Your staff were unable or unwilling to freeze the accounts today, when he called me to let me know. At present I am not in control of my accounts and my ex husband still has access to them. This is shocking and appalling. I need to have this sorted out immediately. When my account are safe again I will report Natwest to the Information Commissioners Office and the FCA. But first PLEASE PLEASE secure my accounts.
    I am horrified by the way I have been treated today

    Fiona Endersby

  22. I have been with Natwest and previous incarnations (originally The Westminster Bank) since 1963 during which it has the use of thousands of pounds passing through my account including salary and pension. I am appalled by their institutional arrogance and total lack of real interest in customers. There is a much greater chance of getting sense from the KGB or the Chinese MSS.

  23. Hi,

    Can you please contact me on 006792782144. I have a really big problem. My account is blocked due to your system thinking that there was a fraud and stopped the transaction but infact I was the one who done the transaction. My account number is 87909103 and sort code is 60-04-16.

    Please can you get back to me as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Mr. Vasukicakau

  24. How can I unsubscribe from spam mails I receive from NatWest? There is no unsubscribe link and I’m not a customer I don’t live in the UK. Yet I frequently get emails about banking statements and rewards. According to the email headers they are sent by servers from NatWest so probably someone is fraudulently using my email address for their account. I contacted the support team multiple times but nothing ever comes out of it.

  25. I am Sandip Mukherjee from India. I have got so many emails in the name of your bank. Some one whose name is Mr Richard he is demanding one by one charges for transfer amount amount from Mrs Mitchel Anderson s account to my account. I thik he is frauding with me. Plz takes necessary step.

  26. My childs Natwest child trust fund , we cannot get into the new portal website after registering and ive rang & rang for hours days , weeks at a time . also my daughters 6 week notice letter did not arrive until about 2 weeks ago and it was dated 11th of march , which is less than the 6 week maturity notice for her 18th Birthday. my daughter would like her money transferred to her bank account but we are unable to do that because we can’t log into the Natwest CTF portal to do that . my daughter is 18 this Thursday. please can you help . or my daughter will lose her money .

  27. All I want to do is to assist NW with fraudulent transactions on my late husbands account
    I have the reference number from action fraud
    It’s helping the NatWest group out and of course me
    They seem unbothered

  28. Looks like it’s not worth the hassle of complaining about not being able to send an email to an address provided by the bank. The one I’m trying to use was provided to me by the Fraud Dept in the body of their last email to me for use if I wished to respond.
    The same/similar problem has obviously been there for years and not been addressed.

  29. I am astonished to read the level of dissatisfaction with Natwest with whom we have banked for 60 years, but now I am very dissatisfied with the bank where we have a Black account for which we pay handsomely. Trying to communicate with a human being has become utterly impossible any more. It expects its customers to jump through hoops because of changes made for its own money-saving benefit. Ditching it seems the only way now.

  30. I have now been trying to contact Alison Rose for months in regard to the disgusting situation that
    NatWest Insurance has left me in now since March 2020, when my home flooded. I am disabled and have been left in severe financial
    difficulties due to them not paying out what I am owed. I have even had to pawn my late mothers jewellery (who died in my arms of mesothelioma the most aggressive form of lung cancer) to survive and music equipment that my late parents bought me. It’s an absolute disgrace what they have done is gross
    professional misconduct and have not met with their duty of care to me as a customer. It is also financial abuse of a vulnerable customer! I have for months now tried to contact the CEO of NatWest as already stated and am just passed from pillar to post, the customer service is
    absolutely disgraceful and I would appreciate a member of the CEO’s team contact me immediately to
    discuss this matter, as I am in the process of sending everything to the TV and press as this needs exposed!!!

  31. Please let me know if my request for a transfer of funds has been executed. I know it was delivered early May! Who signed for it? A response would be appreciated. Was unaware that Royal Bank of Scotland had amalgamated. It would have been most convenient if you had provided this info!!!!

  32. we are banking with Natwest Bank for long and giving over 2Million turnover every year.
    I have made several attempts to access our BUSINESS account which has disappeared from the app and cannot access the same from any branch of National Westminster Bank.

    On 31st August 2022 the bank account had vanished from the National Westminster Bank App
    as we need to make an urgent payment and could not do so.

    I have called relationship manager and no answer was received from him. Than I have emailed the relationship manager of National Westminster and received a response informing that National Westminster Bank are not in a position to provide any information.

    I have called the fraud team and they cannot find any reasons why we cannot access our account.

    I have contacted my relationship manager; he continues to maintain National Westminster Bank cannot provide any information.

    We are unable to pay our suppliers causing us a great deal of financial inconvenience, loss and embarrassment towards their clients and loss of business.

    To date we have lost thousands of pounds and if this continues the bank will destroy my business.
    our customer payments are bouncing back to their account, direct debits are not going through.

    Can anyone help us in this regard.

  33. Nat West if you bank with them change your bank . There customer service team do not care for your complaints and make it so difficult to sort anything out .My new debit card is at the oracle branch in Reading ,where NatWest sent it ,when l went to collect it a sign in the window says “ closed till further notice due to health and saftey “my old card has now stopped working so l now can not even access money for food for my dog.Change banks you have been warned .

  34. Why is NatWest in the oracle Reading ,on line saying open for normal service when it says closed on a notice in the window after you travel there .Does NatWest close banks and cut off customers with no warning all the time .Time to change banks .

  35. I have been banking with NatWest for 17 years and never had a problem till now. A company called the hatchster lmt keeps taking 5 pound per week for my card even when I told them early July to stop. So I changed my cards with NatWest and I find out afterwards that cos it was a subscription they would know that I changed cards so they put me through to there disputes team and they told me 6 times they would block hatchster lmt from taking money but did they heck…I’m literally fuming

  36. I have been trying to contact Nat West for weeks about my mortgage, with no joy.
    I have been trying to remove a name from the mortgage, all i have been told is that its not possible.
    I have been given advice from other places and all other people its is possible.
    I need in writing from Nat West the reasons why, i am getting problems.

  37. They have done a run on the bank…the entire world banking system is locked because they do not want to give away the control, because they have been in control for the centuries.

    Their time is up …soon they will run out of the money.

    The new system will come into place.
    That includes the governments around the world

  38. Dear Alison,

    My name is David

    I was undergraduate student at Warwick university years 1996-1999

    I left this account open with surplus on the account

    I tried different ways to enter my count through online Natwest help but no success.

    Hence, I need your help please.

    Sincerely yours,

  39. I am receiving appalling [service?????] from NatWest. The complaints department are now ignoring Emails so I Emailed Alison Rose on the @natwest.com. It bounced back of course. I then, using common sense, Emailed natwest.com. That bounced back too. I see within Chris’s message it’s natwest.com. As I type this, the mail I’ve just sent on that has not bounced back. To actually have the wrong Email address on the corporate contact page indicates just how poor a company we are dealing with here. What a shambles. I sincerely hope my matter gets dealt with significantly quickly!!

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